forced migration

Time Lapse

Time-Lapse migration aims at reframing forced mobility narratives and questioning the distortions produced by misinformation and disinformation. We use data-based evidence, sociological research and educational digital narratives to explore the long-term impact of migration on host societies.

To reframe the debate, the project brings artists’ voices to the fore, hosting digital art exhibitions on the web and in the metaverse. The exhibited artworks are made available to buy through green NFTs (Tezos) on the objkt platform.

The project is the result of the collaboration between the artist duo Varvara&Mar, who curate the exhibition, and the start-up La Tempesta, who are in charge of the concept, design and development. Want to know more about us?


Time-Lapse migration invites cultural institutions, NGOs and artistic initiatives to participate and exhibit new artistic perspectives on the themes of misinformation, disinformation and forced migration.

Voices of Ukraine

Exhibition curated by Mar Canet, featuring seven Ukrainian artists who reframe complex themes such as misinformation, disinformation, and forced migration.


We explore representations of forced mobility from different perspectives to critically examine the distortions produced by misinformation and disinformation.

Data and sociology

Perspectives from art

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