The Project

Time-lapse migration is an exhibition project where art becomes a means of reframing forced mobility narratives and questioning the distortions produced by misinformation and disinformation.

The project aims to bring forward the refugee artists' voices in order to build an alternative narrative that transcends the rhetoric of fear and the prevailing misinformation and disinformation about forced migration. Inspired by art's elementary function as a critical tool for transformation and thinking, artists have a powerful voice and can imagine and create new perspectives in a language that we all understand, thus going beyond the limits of what can be taught by modern sociology and data analysis.

Time-lapse migration fights misinformation and disinformation through...


We inform: We offer new perspectives on the sociology of migration based on research and data in order to identify the mis/disinformation distortions of the discourses of forced mobility, and regarding borders, everyday life and identity.


We curate: How can art reframe existing mis/disinformation about the phenomena of forced mobility phenomenon and replace this with new imaginaries? We curate an art exhibition that gives direct voice to migrant/refugee artists.

Online platform

We design and develop: We provide a replicable platform for storytelling and exhibitions on the web and in the metaverse, allowing monetisation and based on a sustainable business model.


Reshaping the media value chain through responsible and innovative uses of data.

MediaFutures is a three-year European innovation project (supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme) which aims at contributing to high-quality media activities.

MediaFutures is a transnational European data innovation hub that brings together startups, SMEs and artists in the media value chain to expand on standard models and comes up with unconventional ways for people to engage with quality journalism, science education and democratic processes. It aims to create products, services, digital artworks and experiences that will reshape the media value chain through innovative, inclusive and participatory applications of data and user-generated content.

NGOs and artists

The first collaborating NGO is Artists against War, participating in the Voices of Ukraine exhibition.

Artists against War draws the world's attention to the war launched by the Russian Federation and aims to help Ukrainians through promoting and selling art. It documents conflict through Ukrainian art and texts about Ukrainian experiences and offers the reflections of the Ukrainian artists who are living through the conflict, in order to communicate what is happening, thereby engaging people emotionally and increasing understanding. It aims to increases understanding of the Ukrainian nation and its culture. The artists involved, as representatives of the intelligentsia, are this positioned as instruments of soft diplomacy.


The monetisation of artworks is made possible through NFTs, Tezos decentralised open-source blockchain platform and the objkt marketplace. Sales are an income channel for collaborating artists and NGOs.



An eco-friendly blockchain algorithm, based on proof of stake, minimises the carbon footprint and ecological impact.



The decentralised blockchain provides accuracy, mathematical verification and delegation protocols.



Partition shares are distributed automatically with the immediate execution of the contact's agreement.

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